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images (3)Hello sweetness! Do you really understand how much joy and happiness you bring to my world? I just have to let you know how lucky of a man I am to have you in my life. Words can hardly express how much you truly mean to me, but allow me to try anyway. I love you more than any man could ever love a woman! So overjoyed that I’m the one who gets to put that pretty smile on your face. You are super-sexy and indeed a most attractive and vivacious lady! I treasure the idea of you and I spending quality time together in any situation. It delights my imagination to no end, at the mere thought of you in my arms, holding you so close and expressing my appreciation for this love most special we share. I would do anything with you, for you or to you that strengthens our bond and brings us closer!

Fellows, if you’re not expressing these sentiments to the gift GOD blessed you with, (your wife or significant-other), then you are definitely sowing the seeds of neglect!

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images (2)The extension of Love and Forgiveness is the only path to true and lasting happiness.

In order for anyone of us to truly be happy, we have to monitor our thoughts and the projection of our feelings to the people that we are interacting with. It is in our ego’s nature to see what we are thinking and feeling in those individuals that we are interacting with. We project our inner self to our loved ones, our friends and colleagues. So, if we fill ourselves with love and compassion, this will be all that we will extend to the people that we interacting with.

The following two quotes put this whole idea in perspective: “Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them. It alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.” By Pierre Teilbard de Chardin

“We do not love people so much for the good they have done us, as for the good we have done them.” By Leo Tolstoy

We live in illusion that we are separate from one another

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download (8)Love is a very powerful thing and conveying the language of love is easier said than done. Are you willing to go through all that? Would you desire to learn and connect with people and set up strong and reliable linkages? Then the 5 love languages can help you along the way.

What are the 5 love languages? There many ways to express love and its beauty. The more that people learn about love, the better. The five languages consists of Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Let us learn these methods one by one. For the words of affirmation, it is a way for each and every one of us to appreciate the person’s work and sacrifices. Although it is not always common for us to appreciate the hardwork of others, this trait however can help in strengthening relationships.

The second language is the acts of service. This is the type of love that promotes actions. It does not linger of passive works but on active ones. Helping your family in cleaning out the garbage, washing the car,

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Love, what a wonderful word. A word that can bring a smile to your lips, a tear to your eyes and make your heart skip a beat. Love can bring a tear when reminiscing or a stab in your heart when you remember the pain. This one word can bring such joy and such sorrow at different times in your life.

The positive side of love brings memories of holding hands, soft kisses, shared dinners, family time, smiling children, holidays and a lifetime of fun. A fleeting moment can bring joy to your heart when reminiscing can last a lifetime. The joy of a grandmother and granddaughter playing a game, the first moment you hold your newborn, the first time you kiss a partner, the first glimpse of that special person as you reminisce over the years. Love brings us many positive situations of giving and receiving, of sharing bringing a depth to our lives like nothing else can. It brings joy, laughter, growth and experiences. It gives us the much needed push to move forward and to build.

The negative side of love brings with it memories of love lost, holding someone’s hand as they quietly slip away, death, a thousand

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I’ve been tinkering with a definition of humility, and wonder if it’s the willingness and ability to patiently endure humiliation in the hope of a good outcome eventually.

The person embarking on humility is certainly a lover, a listener, and a learner – and their reward is to become one of the company of the learned. The learned understand:

“It is quite clear that between love and understanding there is a very close link. He who loves understands and he who understands loves. One who feels understood feels loved and one who loves feels sure of being understood.”
– Paul Tournier (1898 – 1986)

Understanding is conducive to love. If we understand someone, we can love them. If they feel understood, they can love us. Yet if we choose to love, understanding is sure more often than not to follow. And would it matter if it didn’t follow, if we were committed to love? Such a love finds its greatest contentment simply in pleasing God.

To please God is to live as the obedient – as best we can hope for, within our brokenness. The LORD requires no perfection from us, except for the perfect diligence of considered preparation.

“The Lord GOD has given Me

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My mother is wonderful and always has been, but this article is not about her, or, if you’re an adult, your mother. This article is about any mother that currently cares for the vulnerable child – the person who is a paragon of parenthood, even whether they’re a parent or not. This article is about the situational mother.

Mothers don’t have to be people who have carried their infants to birth. But mothers do need to be carers, because mothers are carers. As the Father Heart of God is to love us in perfect accord to His flawless will, the Mother Heart of God is to provide the nurture crucial to all our human development, which is indispensable in early life.

This article is about the most important mother alive. It’s not about the greater legacy that has been left by the mothers of yesteryear in their suffering for our grandparents’, our parents’, and our own good. It’s about the mother in the midst of actually mothering.



Our Father,

In Your Wisdom You made the world to be sustained through fathers and mothers; of two persons biologically assigned and called to procreate, and without them both, all

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WE’VE all been there, I presume… to the death of love.

My hope is you’ve been to the other side, too… to the hope that lies beyond such a death. If you haven’t, my hope is you keep pressing in, keep believing, and keep pursuing the hope of a life of love beyond its death.

The death of love is the grief experienced in the tragedy of loss. We can posit it as a romance, but love is more cavernous than that. Love fills the hope of all our lives, and to bound it to a romance story is to lose vital essences of a thing everyone needs.

Does it die and stay dead, implicating the greatness of grief, or does the life of love beyond it spur a person on? Sometimes it truly has gone. And to believe that, to enter that reality, allowing that passage through pain, to not deny it, is a courage that deserves a second chance.

The life of love beyond a love that died is your destiny. It’s everyone’s destiny, whether in this life or in the life to come (if it’s God you hope for). Hope is what carries love from possibility to reality.

Hope is a wonderful

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In September of 2015 my daughter called to share some life changing news. She said, “hi dad”! I immediately sensed concern and fear in her voice. Even though my daughter is 41 years old and leading her own life rather successfully, the father instinct within me to be there to take care of her was shattered by what she had to tell me. “Dad I found lumps in my breast that were not there two months ago. I am going to the doctor for a biopsy to determine if this may be cancer.” The now possible threat to her life and everything we have shared together was very humbling to me and the thoughts I had that I should be able to fix it.

Every empathetic connection I had with her became intensely focused to tell me what she was experiencing. Disbelief, denial, and anger were her emotional reactions to the unwanted thoughts of what her future could be. Her perception of life had just changed as this was a possible threat to the very core of her physical being. I seemed to sense the same sensations of emotional energy moving through my body and I wanted to scream, No! No!

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Too bad it wasn’t a “happily and ever after”. You thought that person was your soul mate, unfortunately, the relationship just didn’t work out. So here you are broke, stuck in that fantasy.

A wonderful person such as you shouldn’t be dwelling in misery. If your friends and family have been telling you repeatedly that you deserve someone better, do them a favor and believe them. And now that you are at the moving on stage, it’s about time for you to accept and realize that it’s the end of your love story with that person. Right now you may feel that you are in a dark and lonely place but that is just all part of the detachment process. You have a wound in your heart and you are still healing. Have patience, the hurt you are feeling now will soon subside.

Hold on, it’s about to change

Keep in mind that this is not a permanent chapter of your life. Don’t you ever think that you are a failure. A broken relationship does not define you as a person. Build-up your self-esteem because someone leaving you does not make you a lesser person. When a person breaks your heart, give yourself

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God loves me so much. I can feel it when I am alone. I feel it in my laughter, I really do. In fact I feel like we are laughing together, I am never alone. He watches over me and catches me just as I fall. He cries when I do. He warns me about bad characters, all the time. However, there were those heartaches when I ignored his warnings. I actually do ignore His warnings, on occasion, and trip over myself, or really get depressed, but He helps me right back up again, almost immediately. Since I was born, perhaps even thought of, He is always there for me. When I forget, he remembers, for me. When I’m in trouble he sends help.

Sometimes when He is near I can hear beautiful music. I am so relaxed during those enchanting times, there is no where I would rather be, then with him. In the mist of what I interpret as my greatest thoughts, fears, or disappointments, He tickles me. God loves me so much.

I never laugh as much as when I am with God and I laugh a great deal, I am a happy person most of the time. Even

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Jesus Christ said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”- John 15:13

Ode to Romeo for dying with Juliet! Hail the heroes who died at battle for their queens! Salute the martyrs who have died for their beliefs. It is no easy task for a person to die for another person.

Even it seems Jesus supports this cause. But really, what was Jesus saying? Let’s take a relook at the quote, “Greater love has no one than this”, focus now, “that he lay down his life for his friends”.

Lay down his life… this seems normal until you realize that laying down your life for a cause doesn’t mean you will kill yourself for it. No! It simply means you are ready to sacrifice anything for your belief in the cause.

If we hail the people who have died for love, then we should worship those who stay alive for love. Death is no proof of love. And Jesus never told anyone to commit suicide in the name of love, in fact, he is against suicide.

A person worth dying for should be worth living for, right? Let’s use an illustration.

Mr. X never compliments

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Feelings are hard to decipher especially when it involves women. Sometimes, they appear interested but then you just realized that it’s just a friendly gesture. If you are really into the lady and you’ve been dating for quite some time now, it is only natural that you search for any evidence of her love for you. Of course, nobody wants to be misled when you have already invested too many emotions.

So how do you know if her affection towards you is truly sincere? You will sense it. Females are very expressive of what they feel. But this gets confusing when she also starts treating other guys in the same manner.

Here are some behaviors that will give you hints of what she feels.

She makes time.

Ladies are very particular with their schedule. But when you invite her for an unexpected Friday dinner, she will make it a point to show up. You are always a part of her plan. She doesn’t consider you as an option, you are a choice.

She’s comfortable around you.

A girl who loves you will show you her true self, with no makeup on and tangled hair. She loves you enough that she lets you in her personal space.

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Why is it that our sight is transformed when we are looking through the eyes of love? Is it better to see with clarity or through the lens of altered perception that love produces? What we see is influenced by the filters of our life experiences, those that cause bias and those that cause delusion. Love is the single most powerful human emotion; is it any wonder that how we see another is painted in the brightest of the color spectrum when love is the filter? Can that be beneficial in our life?

The obvious stories we all know about lying and cheating may come to mind first, all true as history writes what has transpired. If that is all there is it would be futile and dangerous to look at another with loving eyes. There has to be more… and there is. This kind of powerful emotion is the greatest motivating force in mankind. It ignites desires that focus our attention away from ourselves to something much bigger. It empowers us as we learn to trust. When we love we embrace the goals and see the visions of others that inspire us to reach higher, to be the best that

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There is nothing wrong with falling in love quickly, really. You get to taste the feeling right when it arrived and for a moment, you are on cloud nine. The problem with this, however, is, usually, it can only last for a moment. Then after that moment of bliss comes sweeping pain, despair, depression, and all other emotions that could be fatal.

This may not be true to all, but this is what happens most of the time. Two people, swept by passion (prematurely), will realize they can no longer handle the roller-coaster flow of emotions in a relationship. They will then decide to abandon what they thought to be “true love” simply because “it’s not working anymore”. Sad, I know. But, you know what’s worse? It’s too easy to fall in love, but it’s too hard to move on.

So, would you still like to fall in love too fast? No, of course not. You need to be extra vigilant about your feelings and make sure you won’t fall into the trap of quick commitments and quick breakups. If you truly want a lasting relationship, learn to apply the brakes where necessary. Learn to halt your heart, and activate your head.

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It isn’t always easy to share the difference between lust and real love. You might know you have something special with your man, but you’re still sensing things away and determining predicament. But how will you know if it is truly real love?

Signs That Prove The Presence Love:

Below are the things you that might happen to you often. And the occurrence of such things proves that you are in love.

1. “This one’s special.”

If you are in love, you get started to think the one you love is exclusive. The notion is in conjunction with a failure to feel passionate passion for anybody else. Fisher and her co-workers imagine these single-mindedness results from increased degrees of central dopamine — a chemical substance involved with attention and target — in the human brain.

2. “She’s perfect.”

Individuals who are truly in love have a tendency to give attention to the positive characteristics of their loved one while overlooking his / her negative traits. They also give attention to trivial objects and events that remind them of their loved one, day-dreaming about these important little occasions and mementos. This focused attention is considered to derive from elevated degrees of central dopamine also, and a spike

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As the male is drawn and the female wants to draw the wind up key is inserted and the happiness begins. The droopy starved eyes of the male ignites the control mechanism of the female over the male as they look upon each other with thoughts of what may be if they give in. The male is in the wanting of the soft touch and the female is willing to give the soft touch to the male if the male’s interest is true to her only and not just a feeling of overactive lust.

The key that’s inserted is wound by the female until the male’s spring gets wound to its fullest and the male is willing to fall into the females deep urge’s to be the only desire in his world. As the male falls into the mental state of his desired attraction and want the female carefully manages the developed relationship that the male knows is his to be in.

Is the image of the female that appears from time to time that captured the male’s thoughts becoming the reality he never ever had any thoughts of becoming an actual reality? The male is verbally speechless to the point of

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Most people think they know what love is. After all, have not we all been in love before? However, I am here to argue that most people do not truly know what love is, even though they frequently use the word “love” in their conversations. In fact, most people use this word much too frequently and too freely without truly knowing what it is.

If you say that you love someone, and you feel sad, miserable, empty or lonely without him or her, then you are not truly loving the person. What you love is the fact that he or she can fulfil your needs for safety or significance.

Perhaps having this person in your life makes you feel safe or protected. Or perhaps having this person makes you feel safer than facing up to the fearful unknown. Many of those in abusive relationships stay stuck in their relationships because of this feeling of relative safety of the known abuses over the perceived fear of the unknown.

Another reason we say we love someone is because that person fulfil our need to be significant, to be useful, to be needed, or to be of relevance in this life. This gives our life a

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Disagreement and misunderstanding are the result of a faulty communication. The repeated incidence may lead people to hate you or vice versa. Sometimes you decide to end all contact with each other. In case of friends or colleagues, it may not affect you. But what about someone you love? It will definitely do.

Some just need time to forget while others never do. Gifts, imploration and love letters usually will not make a difference. How to get rid of this hate against you from your loved one’s mind and heart? Could a spell to make someone love you turn things around?

Dissolve Hate

Spells have been used to dissolve negativity from a home or a person’s life since a long time ago. The same can be done with any hate your loved one feels against you. Spells can also address resentment on your side. This may get you in talking terms again. However, if you want to be more than friends, you will have to make her love you.

Create Unconditional Love

A spell to make someone love you exists in different varieties. My favorite consists on bringing forth deep emotions for you that are being suppressed by your loved one and empowering them. These

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In the latter stages of my life the wheels of time turn just a bit faster now. As seasons come and go, I have noticed so many things that I could have done a little differently. And, yet through all the years where I have known ecstasy, joy and jubilation there always seem to be moments of anguish, despair, suffering and woe. From caviar to humble pie, from the sublime to the absurd the wheels of time flew by.

Now, as I sit in my easy chair reminiscing perhaps I too was caught up in life’s moments for I really didn’t notice how the years rolled by. When we are young too many don’t see the passage into maturity. Many a time little did we know that the road would bend and we so often refused to see when our youth would end.

Many mistakes were made along the way and for some there will always be a price to pay. The wasted hours of wasted days sometimes it seems if we had squandered what little precious time we have. Life is too short for in a blinking of an eye the wheels of time have marched on by. When I was

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A surprise birthday party for your boyfriend is one of the best ways to make him feel really special. It’s a way to show that you love him a lot and care most for his happiness. Also you can make his friends feel jealous of him for having a wonderful girlfriend as you. Your boyfriend will be on cloud nine when he gets such a wonderful surprise from you. He will also have to arrange a surprise party for you on your birthday; this is the clue if he has not already done that. Well jokes apart but for sure arranging a surprise birthday party is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should be smart, independent, understanding, caring, possessing some basic management skills and a party enthusiast. Yes it’s a project to arrange a great party which everyone enjoys to their fullest.

Do all the arrangements keeping in mind the likes of your boyfriend as it’s a surprise for him. You might be aware of most of the things that he likes and dislikes, but if there is something that you need to know and are not sure of about him, do not hesitate to take his friends or families help.